Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Rural Creators Collective

Welcome all!  Let's start off by listing the artists that make up the Collective, and where you can find us, other than the Carlisle store, of course:

Meet Julie.  Most days, it is Julie you will find in the store.  She is also the one who update our  

Julie of Rustic Revivals on Facebook and on Etsy

 Patrick Marcoux Photography  on Facebook and on his own site .

Miriam of MiniMade  at her Etsy shop  and on Facebook.

Tara of On A Branch Soaps can be found on Facebook and on Etsy.

Natalie of Remembrances on Facebook and AtTheCrossroads on Etsy

Yvonne Parsons Photography on Facebook and on her own site.

Dave and Christine of Stones of Time can be found on their own web site

Carlisle Canoe Co. at Carlisle Canoe

Paul of HandSigNow on Pinterest and on Facebook.

Holly Ferencze on Etsy and on Facebook .

Lisa of L'immaginaria on her own website and on Facebook

Crows Nest Primitive Shoppe on Etsy and on Facebook

Gary and Wendy of Old on Gold can be found on Facebook.

Terra Teas on Facebook

Linda of Waylin Tea Accessories on her own site

The Little Truffle Maker on her own website, and on Facebook  

Roni of Metis Caravan  on Facebook

PineNeedles and Trinity Artists

Go ahead and follow us for all kinds of fun stuff.

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