Friday, 25 October 2013

Eco-friendly holiday ideas

It's October 25th.  Two months until Christmas.  So - today I have something a little different for you today... a selection of eco-friendly or natural holiday ideas.

Toss a hand knit washcloth and handcrafted bar of soap into an antique mason jar for a super quick last minute gift.  I cut a bar in half to fit in the mouth of my jar, but depending on the container you use, you may be able to add it in whole.  Second hand shops often have great glass containers that would be great for this.

Bake up a giant muffin in an oven safe pottery bowl for a twist on the standard holiday fruit bread.  Gift it with a cutting board and tea towel, or...
...wrap it up with a mug, some tea, and some in-season fruit for a great gift basket with something different and unexpected.  (If you happen to be using one of Remembrances' bowls, the giant muffin serves 4 - and there is still one left in the shop if you like this idea and don't have a bowl that would work).

Chop a log into varying heights, add some candles, pine cones, and if you choose, some greenery or flowers and you have a nearly instant holiday display that can last you from now until the end of winter.  Don't have the time, tools, or inclination to chop up a log?  There happen to be some lovely large wood slices in the shop that would work beautifully for this, and Tara has some great scented candles in jars that could complete the look.

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  1. Love the soap in a jar idea--great thinking. I have some of the On a Branch Soap in my car---purely accident to leave it in over night but when I got into my car today and realized how nice it smells, I have opted to leave one bar in there for a nice, natural air freshener !!