Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Mother's Day is right around the corner...

I was looking something up on the calendar the other day and realized Mother's Day is coming up right shortly.  Not to worry, the Rural Creators' Collective has you covered.  Check out these amazing gift ideas that are in the store right now:

We have your traditional gifts of all things tea, (teapot cozy by Miriam of Minimade, teapot from Waylin Enterprise)

 lovely hand made soaps with the most delightful scents, (Tara of On a Branch Soaps)

and of course, candles...(Remembrances)

But we also have original gift ideas.  Why not give the gift of art?
 This stunning rose is by Yvonne Parsons

 Brand new to the shop...lots of birds, butterflies, and bees by Marla.  Original watercolours.

You'll have to excuse the photo here, but I was trying to capture that this lithograph by Lisa of L'immaginaria is actually sparkly.

 This great fabric sculpture swan is by Julie of Rustic Revivals

For the more modern tastes, I found this great architectural piece that would be perfect in a front entry...also by Julie of Rustic Revivals

For the gardeners, there is a collection of hanging planters and vases (they do actually have the ropes attached now, unlike in the photo) by Remembrances

And conveniently located downstairs is a flower shop for filling that vase or planter.

And of course we can't forget the delicious treats for mom as well, in the bakery which also happens to be conveniently located right down stairs.

Feel free to leave a comment with your Mother's Day idea.

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