Monday, 20 January 2014

A DIY project

If you have had a chance to go into the Rural Creators' Collective lately, you may have noticed this canoe full of branch slices by the check out counter (by Greg Hughes of Full Circle Woodworks).
On first glance, you may think they are just gift tags, but they can be so much more.

With a little modge podge and an old picture book, you can customize them for any occasion.

You can leave yourself an inspiring message.

You can rubber stamp them to create original tags, or a child's memory game.

Another version of memory...a learning tool to help young children learn their letters 
(or numbers matched with dots).

You can play with them to create wreaths, flowers, and other combinations for natural decor for your home.

13 of them will create a "perpetual calendar".

My favourite...a countdown to a special occasion (birthday?) where each day your child finds the countdown number somewhere in the daily routine...maybe by a toothbrush, with a snack, on their pillow...

Yesterday, while I was preparing the pictures for this post, my youngest son walked in and immediately started rearranging letters to make words.  It quite surprised me as I thought this would be a great activity for much younger children.  I think I may need to make him a full set and see what random words I find around the house.

Have fun creating!

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