Monday, 13 January 2014

January Feature - Terra Teas

Meet the "tea ladies" of Terra Teas, Oksana and Gloria...
They keep the Rural Creators' Collective (in Carlisle) well stocked with so so many flavours of tea...and generously offer free samples every day the shop is open.
They have plenty of traditional flavours like English, Irish, and Scottish Breakfast, fruit flavours such as Strawberry Delight, Pina Colada, spicy flavours,... just too many varieties to list.

Some of their teas ---Winter Chai, Chocolate Chai, green citrus tea--- are now included in the new soaps from On a Branch Soaps

If you can't make it into the Carlisle shop, you can find them at the Terra @ Home Market...

...and at the Cascata Bistro, right across from the shop.

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